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Welcome to the SETI-jam!

Hello all participants!

The SETI-jam starts tomorrow - welcome!

Here's a few practicalities to think about when you pack for the jam.


The jam is at Lidnersgatan 10 in the Sverok club locale. You should have no trouble finding it - there are stickers in the windows! We will be onsite from 16:00 to handle registration, and there will be some time for mingle before the jam program starts at 18:00.

JAM SITE OPENING HOURSThe jam site has the capability to stay open throughout the jam. If you plan to sleep on site, bring some…

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Hi everyone!

Alongside the SETI-Jam Stockholm, there will also be a MINIJAM for children ages 9-15. If you have kids in this age - consider signing them up for a once in a lifetime experience!

The MINIJAM runs on two separate occasions, Saturday and Sunday at 12:00-16:00.

MINIJAM provides an introduction to game programming for kids. Participants will get to make a space-themed game of their own design and build game controllers out of scrap materials. See this flyer for more information.

To sign up for MINIJAM, email inger@spelverkstaden.se or call 076 845 3837.

(Note that MINIJAM activities will be…

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Remember to complete your signup!

Hello all unregistered jammers!

Remember it is not enough to sign up here on challengepost - you need to APPLY TO THE JAM using this form. Go do it now!

After your application has been approved by the orgnaizers, you'll get a message with instructions, schedule updates and venue details.


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Introducing our Scientific Advisors

SETI-Jam Stockholm is proud to announce some scientific backup, brought to you by Stockholm university, Department of Astronomy:

Erik Zackrisson (docent)

Saghar Asadi (doctoral student)
Hannes Jensen (doctoral student)
Thøger Rivera-Thorsen (doctoral student)
Per Calissendorff (MSc-student)

Erik Zackrisson is the leader of Sweden's (currently) only SETI-project and docent at Stockholm university. He joins the jam with a stellar crew of astronomers, who will be available throughout the design phase of your jamming experience. You can rely on these experts to tell you more about SETI missions, answer your questions about Drakes equation and help you make sense of the measurements…

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Using SETI data

The challenge offers you a unique possibility to make a game using real SETI data. How, you may ask?


There are a number of data sources and data-based assets available to your use during the game. Feel free to get familiar with the selections up on on http://setijam.seti.org/data-sources

If you feel confortable using measurement data, you can pull data directly from a number of databases, including the JPL Small body database and Horizon.

But the source selection includes not only data! There is also a wide variety of image material, raw images of planetary bodies, curated Cassini…

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