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almost 8 years ago

Introducing our Scientific Advisors

SETI-Jam Stockholm is proud to announce some scientific backup, brought to you by Stockholm university, Department of Astronomy:

Erik Zackrisson (docent)

Saghar Asadi (doctoral student)
Hannes Jensen (doctoral student)
Thøger Rivera-Thorsen (doctoral student)
Per Calissendorff (MSc-student)

Erik Zackrisson is the leader of Sweden's (currently) only SETI-project and docent at Stockholm university. He joins the jam with a stellar crew of astronomers, who will be available throughout the design phase of your jamming experience. You can rely on these experts to tell you more about SETI missions, answer your questions about Drakes equation and help you make sense of the measurements and data.

Me, fall 2005. Photographer: Tone Gellerstedt

Erik Zackrisson (photograph by Tone Gellerstedt)