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almost 8 years ago

Welcome to the SETI-jam!

Hello all participants!

The SETI-jam starts tomorrow - welcome!

Here's a few practicalities to think about when you pack for the jam.


The jam is at Lidnersgatan 10 in the Sverok club locale. You should have no trouble finding it - there are stickers in the windows! We will be onsite from 16:00 to handle registration, and there will be some time for mingle before the jam program starts at 18:00.

JAM SITE OPENING HOURSThe jam site has the capability to stay open throughout the jam. If you plan to sleep on site, bring some comfy soft things. There are a few sofas, but nothing very sleeping-friendly.


The jam site has a full kitchen, with microwave which means you can bring your own food, or even make food on site.

We ask you to bring 100kr to cover for breakfast sandwiches, fruit, and coffee/tea throughout the jam.



On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a bunch of kids coming over for a MINIJAM between 12:00-16:00.

Most of the time, the kids will be occupied making games of their own. But they probably want to see what you're doing as well. Be nice to them, you are their heroes. If you want to be left completely alone, tell it to the organisers.



As you may see, we have updated the jam schedule slightly. Jamming will now end at 15:00 on Sunday, which gives you time to present (approx 16:00) and still get home for the evening.