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almost 8 years ago

Using SETI data

The challenge offers you a unique possibility to make a game using real SETI data. How, you may ask?


There are a number of data sources and data-based assets available to your use during the game. Feel free to get familiar with the selections up on on

If you feel confortable using measurement data, you can pull data directly from a number of databases, including the JPL Small body database and Horizon.

But the source selection includes not only data! There is also a wide variety of image material, raw images of planetary bodies, curated Cassini PR photos, 3D models of asteroids etc. that can be used as assets in your games. Some of the raw data (such as the Allen Telescope Array) comes in image format, so that implementing it doesn't have to mean crunching numbers.
And most fantastically, there are a whole load of material around the Kepler Project - animations, videos, pictures, 3D models, ready to apply in your game!

Have a look over at the SETI-jam main site, and let your imagination fly!